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With over forty years of experience in chemical engineering specializing in low density polyethylene, Charles Wolfenberger, founder of Sea Wolf Technologies, brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise and the skill to apply it effectively to any project. As demonstrated in his resume', Mr. Wolfenberger has many decades of experience in nearly every aspect of polyethylene manufacturing, from theory to design and production.

In more recent years, through Sea Wolf Technology, Mr. Wolfenberger has been providing a wide range of consulting services and is prepared to meet the present-day needs of firms in the polyethylene industry. Sea Wolf's current roster of clients ranges from North America to East Asia.

So, if tapping into an unmatched wellspring of chemical engineering experience sounds good to you, take a look at the following information and consider the benefits of having the abundant knowledge and skill of Sea Wolf Technology at your disposal. If you have any questions about Sea Wolf Technology or founder Charles Wolfenberger, or would like to discuss a project or proposal, please feel free to email or call. We will be happy to assist you.

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